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Volume IV Issue 1
     sprIng edItIon 2019

  ProSphere                                                                    Advantage
                                                                                               ESDMS family picnics Pg 7

     This Issue:

                         pg 2

     Employee                                                Top image - (left to right) Operations Coordinator Hope Jordan, VP
     Spotlight                                               of VA Services Don Shea, ESD Sr. Operations Manager Derek Brown,
                                                             and ESD HR Manager Tammy Gracia at Barbourville, Kentucky VA
                         pg 3                                ESD call center April 2. Left Image - Service Desk Agent Kevin Griffin
                                                             stands in front of the Wall of Accolades, ribbons that recognizes
                                                             achievements in customer service. Right image - ESD call center
                                                             Service Desk Agent takes a call.
     Corporate                                               Service desk contract
     Corner              pg 4                                hits notable milestone

                                    ProSphere’s 200-person service desk subcontract with GDIT was recently recognized
                                    for achieving one year of performance. To usher in the milestone, members of
     Community                      ProSphere’s leadership visited both GDIT call centers located in Barbourville,
     Communiqué                     Kentucky and Bossier City, Louisiana to celebrate the milestone and to deliver
                                    words of encouragement and gratitude to employees.
                         pg 5
                                    “ProSphere is very proud of this contract and how well it has performed, said Don
                                    Shea, VP of Veterans Affairs Services. “We couldn’t be with a better partner – GDIT
     HR                             – the team came in and they executed well.”
     Pulse                          The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Enterprise Service Desk Managed
                         pg 6       Services (ESDMS) contract employs IT Service Desk Agents and Supervisors to provide
                                    technical and trouble-shooting support to VA end users. The performance goal for
                                    ESDMS is to enhance service delivery, reduce cost, increase business focus, and
     ESD                            improve the quality of IT services to VA staff.
     Picnics             pg 7       The initial contract award last year was celebrated for bringing in some much needed
                                    jobs – about 500 total positions – to the economically challenged communities
                                    of Barbourville and Bossier City. The call centers currently tout a 91% customer
                                    satisfaction rating that is attributed to the employees’ hard work and innovation.
     Small Business                 Special recognition was given to Barbourville Service Desk Agent Kevin Griffin,
     Webpage                        who has received the center’s most ‘Accolades’ to date. The Accolade incentive
                         pg 8       program is unique to Barbourville’s call center, which is a recognition program for
                                    outstanding customer service achievements.
                                    As a team, we are successfully handling a large volume of inquiries in both traditional
                                    ways and through more innovative means such as developing knowledge articles
                                    that helps to save time on routine issues such as password resets, said Derek
                                    Brown, ESD Sr. Operations
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