Cloud Adoption

ADOPTING CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES presents many benefits, such as increased business agility and flexibility, as well as reduced costs. However, to fully realize these benefits, your staff may need to acquire new skills and create or update core processes. Doing so can maximize the business value and minimize the business risks of Cloud Adoption.

What We Do:

Cloud Adoption requires that fundamental changes are discussed and considered across the entire organization, and that stakeholders across all organizational units – both outside and within IT – support these changes. ProSphere initially developed the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) based heavily on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Migration model, approach, and process, while also integrating Gartner’s “6 R’s” migration strategies.

We have since matured and tailored our process and approach based on lessons learned successfully designing and providing Cloud Migration strategies and support for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Personnel and Resource Management Cloud Hosting, VA’s Technology Strategies Technical and Non-Technical Support, and Defense Health Agency Cloud Migration contracts.

Success Stories:

ProSphere possesses an intimate knowledge of the VA’s enterprise and cloud architecture gained through our successful support of VA’s Technology Strategies Technical and Non-Technical Support project. Our personnel have worked closely with VA personnel to create and document the Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) architecture.

Understanding the architecture is just the first step. Our personnel collaborated with VA staff to develop the Cloud Computing VA Enterprise Design Pattern that all VA programs use as an overarching guidance to perform their Cloud Migrations. This has allowed us to mature our overall understanding for the holistic approach required to successfully adopt any environment to cloud computing.