Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)

Prosphere Provides CPIC insight to Federal customers, which includes professional and technical services that support the development of IT strategy, policy, budgets, and acquisition plans as well as the execution of IT project management and lifecycle management.

What We Do:

The ProSphere team works with our Federal customers to conduct financial and business analysis, develop and review business cases, develop costs-benefit and return on investment (ROI) analysis, evaluate and implement best practices, and develop and implement performance measurement for information technology investments.

Where We Do It:

ProSphere provides CPIC services to the VA Community Care Program as part of our support to the Office of Information and Technology (OIT). In support of Community Care, we provide Information Technology Program Management Office (PMO) support, which includes CPIC services. We provide strategic planning guidance to support development of OMB 300/53. ProSphere also provides services that support Office of Community Care information technology projects in the following areas:

  • Implementation of VA Chief Information Officer (CIO) strategies for information technology portfolio management
  • Development, maintenance, and management of budget execution artifacts for current and future budgets related to information technology investments
  • Conducting financial and business analysis as they relate to information technology strategy and make recommendations for information technology investments
  • Monitoring and coordinating development of fiscal and budget input for reports and other artifacts that support information technology investment decisions
  • Coordinating the integration of fiscal management activities with overall information technology program management activities
  • Participating in analysis of acquisition and program requirement prioritization as well as developing impact analysis for information technology investments as they relate to CIO information technology strategy

Tools and Techniques:

The primary tools used to support CPIC are those that support the gathering and analysis of data required to support IT portfolio management decisions through a disciplined approach to selecting, controlling, and evaluation of IT investments. In support of the VA Office of Community Care, these tools include the Enterprise Program Management Dashboard (EPMD) and the Veteran-focused Integrated Process (VIP) Dashboard.

Success Story:

Our PMO team that provides support to the VA Office of Community Care supports the analysis and management of data included in EPMD and VIP Dashboard to ensure it is accurate and synchronized for all information technology projects across the Community Care program. Recognizing the critical importance of these tools to the informed and sound investment decisions related to information technology, our team developed and implemented a process to regularly review these dashboards for accuracy and synchronization, and implemented an effective change process to incorporate approved updates to the reported data.