Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) & Design

Prosphere USES SOA & DESIGN to make it easier for software modules to communicate and cooperate over a network by leveraging a custom integration of separately-maintained and deployed software components. With a vendor-agnostic approach, ProSphere ensures that the best technologies are leveraged for your unique organizational goals.

What We Do:

At ProSphere, we don’t rely only on SOAP or REST services. We analyze the requirements, constraints, and complexity of the application prior to starting the design process. We strive to ensure we have atomic services that may be combined and re-used over and over. This approach provides efficiency, fewer lines of code to maintain, and a more extensible and scalable architecture. Once the design has been finalized, we use industry best practices to implement the design using the appropriate techniques. All software developed adheres to the NIST standards for security.

Where We Do It:

We have successfully used SOA & Design on our BCDSS, VBMS-R, and FileMan programs within VA.

Tools and Techniques:

When creating service based designs, testing them is always difficult. ProSphere uses contract first design which allows both the provider and consumer to develop in parallel. We use SoapUI as well as mock services to test our implementations. We use XML Spy, Eclipse, and several other XML editors when creating WSDLs and XSDs.

Success Story:

VBMS-R is itself a SOA-based application. ProSphere successfully designed and implemented a SOA-based solution to allow the external CUI application to send exam data to VBMS-R for automatic loading and use in processing Veteran claims. This automation saved countless labor hours as well as reduced human error from transcription mistakes.