Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

SAFe® is a proven, publicly available method for applying lean and agile practices at the enterprise scale. ProSphere adherence to SAFe® processes for software development has ensured low-risk, high-value software development benefits to our customers.

What We Do:

ProSphere has extensive experience managing agile development in large, complex environments and can increase the success of SAFe® implementation. We organize multiple dynamic Scrum teams that collaborate closely with architects and stakeholders and manage them using SAFe® team and program level activities including Scrum-of-Scrum processes. Our SAFe® methodology anchors routine development activities on a fast, synchronous cadence—a regular, predictive rhythm of important events—that helps manage the inherent variability in systems development.

Each team’s backlog consists of items pulled from the program backlog and their Scrums are synchronized on the same Agile Release Train. Each Scrum team delivers Feature Set(s) per sprint from the related functionality established and is prioritized by the program leadership. We focus on creating efficiencies and increasing quality through integration with SAFe® Scrum teams using Test Driven Development processes. ​

Success Story:

SAFe® methodology guided our approach and methodology in successfully modifying the defect management and resolution process within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Benefits Management System-Ratings (VBMS-R) custom-built web-based system that provides critical rating functionality for compensation and pension claims processing targeting the VA disability claim rating decision makers, VA internal stakeholders, and associated management functions. We reduced the production defect backlog from more than 250 high priority defects to zero (0) while delivering multitudes of new capabilities. What’s more, we provided more than 80% code coverage to ensure quality and secure code was delivered for the program.