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ProSphere VIP Program

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Confidence

Greater Success Through Collaboration

Our Very Important Partner (VIP) Program allows ProSphere to form alliances with companies of all sizes that offer complementary capabilities, subject matter expertise, and industry and agency relationships. We collaborate with partners to provide the best value to our clients and produce outcomes that are mutually beneficial to both companies.


Advantages of the VIP Program

ProSphere uses the relationships we have established with Federal agencies to help partners build their contracting presence. A partnership with ProSphere offers access to:

  • Contract vehicles

  • Business development, capture, and proposal resources

  • Marketing and advertising channels

  • Technical subject matter expertise

  • Extensive past performance


How Our Partners Contribute

Our partners expand ProSphere’s Federal contracting presence through access to set-aside opportunities and niche competencies. They understand their clients’ unique requirements and offer capabilities to fill existing gaps. 


How Our Partners Benefit

ProSphere combines deep business and client knowledge to identify and pursue opportunities that fuel business growth. The program allows partners to broaden the services and solutions they provide to clients. It also increases the partner’s competitiveness, contractual performance, and economic bottom line.

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