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Aug 2, 2019

ProSphere was awarded the Veterans Integrated Registries Platform (VIRP) task order for $2.4 million under Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Next Generation (T4NG) for the Office of Information & Technology Information (OIT), Enterprise Program Management Office. ProSphere will provide project management, registry and functionality enhancements, coding, testing, software release and deployment, documentation, and knowledge transfer and training on the VIRP Platform and registries enhancements using the VIRP Framework. It is the center point of the Health Registries Program (HREG). HREG’s vision is that VIRP will deliver end users with an improved means to analyze health data and report data ultimately leading to improved delivery and quality of care to Veterans.

“Team ProSphere will support VA in applying its human centered design experience along with a current understanding of the culture, operations, programs and processes that exists in the Veteran space,” said Carleen Jarrett, Director of Small Business Programs. “We are excited to assist in developing an integrated management system to help VA plan for enhancements and lifecycle transition and sustainment that will ultimately support Veterans.”

The Health Registries are built on VIRP’s centralized architectural platform and follow the cohort principle aligned with population health. Individual registries are comprised of standardized common patient data and registry-specific data elements. The ability to access a large pool of cohort data allows for targeted research, leading to improved Veteran treatment options and opportunities for providers to learn about treatment options that had been successful for patients with similar illnesses. VIRP is uniquely situated to support the rapid development of new health registries using a Registry Configuration Wizard; a tool that minimizes duplication of effort by automatically creating registry-specific data tables in the VIRP database based on attributes selected by the customer from a given pool of data elements.

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